Take another little “Quiche” of my Heart

I have been on a quiche craze for months now. It started over the Summer, and when my boyfriend said he could eat this ever day, well I took it quite literally and continued  making a quiche each week for him so he’d have something tasty to snack on after work. Since I’ve made my fair share lately, I just wanted to share my opinions on the best proportions, amount of eggs etc.

What You’ll Need:

8 eggs

2 Summer Squash

1 Supermarket container of Mushrooms

1 Cup Spinach

1/2 Onion

1/4 Cup goat Cheese

1/2 Cup Gouda Cheese

1/2 Cup Ricotta Cheese

4 TBSP Dill

2 TBSP Cayenne Pepper


Honey (optional)

Let’s get Cooking;

Begin by pre-setting the oven to 325 degrees. Next take out a large mixing bowl and Crack all 8 eggs into bowl. With a fork or whisk Whip up all the eggs so the yokes are broken and everything is nicely mixed together. Now take out your cutting board and begin to thinly slice the summer squash. I like to stack the thin slices and than cut them in half down one direction and in half down the other direction so that each circle becomes four small pieces. When finished dump the now chopped squash into the mixing bowl. We can move onto our next vegetable, the mushrooms. Take each mushroom, though already pre-sliced chop each mushroom into smaller fragments. When chopping is complete add into mixing bowl. On the cutting board, move onto the onion. Chop off the bottom and top and then slice the onion in half. Once we have half an hour dice into small pieces and and into the rest of the mixture. We’ll now want to take the spinach out and piece by piece remove the green from the stem I usually just do this by hand. If you want smaller pieces of spinach you can cut them or be Barbaric like me and just tear the spinach with your hands. Add the spinach into mixing bowl and finally mix everything together so all the vegetables have become covered with eggs and are no longer just sitting on top. Next begin to fold in the Ricotta and the Gouda cheese. Add the spices and mix through thoroughly. With everything combined together, take out your quiche tray ( or any in reality any tray you have that will be enough for this monster mixture. Line the tray with Butter or a Spray baking oil such as Canola oil. Distribute the mixture into the tray, smooth out, top with crumbled Goat cheese and drizzle with honey. Finally it is time to place our tray into the oven. Let cook for 45 minutes or until ever so slightly browned on top. Take out, cool, and be ready to serve yourself, a loved one, a party or wrap it up for later.


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