Vegan Bacon Avocado Tomato Salad

Hello Summer! Hello Vegans! Don’t be the person sulking at the BBQ because there’s nothing for you to enjoy and everything smells of meat. Have your own pasta salad and taste the flavor that possibly made turning vegan a little bit tough for you ( I was never really a bacon person, but I loved Ham growing up). This pasta salad screams American, like a dirty deli in Long Island, which was where we always knew to get the best egg sandwiches and macaroni salad growing up.

What You’ll Need:

Avocado Sauce-

6 avocados

2 Limes

3 Cloves Garlic

3 Jalapenos




2 Boxes Bonanza Chickpea Pasta

12 Cups Water

1 Bundle Cherry Tomatoes

3 Sprigs Fresh Basil

Seitan Bacon-

2 boxes Seitan

6 Tbsp Soy Sauce

6 Tbsp Maple Syrup

2 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast

2 Tbsp Smokey Chipotle Seasoning

1 Tbsp Canola Oil


Let’s Get Cooking:

Turn stove top burner onto to medium/high and place medium sized pan on top with all the water. While you wait for the water to come to a boil, take out your avocados and begin to scoop the avocado out of the skin and place into a bowl. Slice your two limes and squeeze all the juice you can into the same bowl. Chop your garlic and jalapenos as small as you can and add into bowl as well. Using a fork mash all the ingredients together and add salt and pepper to taste. When done, cover with cling wrap/aluminum foil and place into fridge until ready to use. At this point water should be at a boil, but remember to check as you work on separate things. With water at boil, slightly lower the burner and add your two boxes of Chickpea Pasta into the water. Pasta should only need to sit about 5 minutes in water so stir appropriately and taste until cooked to your liking. Remember this is chickpea pasta so it cooks differently than what you are used too, so check more often than you would normally and check sooner than you regularly would. When the pasta is done, drain in your colander and place in fridge along with your avocado mixture. As these two items are chilling we’ll begin to work on the Bacon Seitan. Place the Soy Sauce, Maple Syrup, Nutritional Yeast, Smokey Chipotle Spice and oil into a large frying pan. Heat on a low/medium heat and mix together on the stove top.  Next open up your Seitan and place as many stripes as you can onto frying pan, pack them on and raise heat to burner up to Medium/High. Let Seitan sit for 3 minutes, it’ll get a little crispy and definitely brown, than flip and let other side cook for 3 minutes. I needed to do the seitan in two groups so you will probably have to repeat the laying of the Seitan down and the cooking, flipping, cooking. There should be enough sauce in pan for both groups of Seitan. When all the Seitan is cooking chop up into nice little bites. Now take out your chilled pasta, add the avocado sauce, add the seitan, chop up your bundle of Cherry Tomatoes, add these in as well and finally top with some fresh basil. 


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