Triceps and Biceps routine

Well it seems I hurt my neck last week while practicing the Star Pose in Acroyoga. When I came to the gym on Monday to lift and went to do my usual routine, I right away was feeling a strain in my neck and shoulder. I had to try out a few things and see what body parts I could work without creating a sensation and after some trial and error I decided to focus on my Biceps and Triceps.



1st Exercise: One Arm Curl and Extend Back (10x, per arm)

2nd Exercise: Bent Over Curl and Extend Back (With arms reaching down and elbows in at the side, take a curl with both arms. Rotate arms so Wrists is pointing back, and extend arms back and pull triceps together) 10x

3rd Exercise: Anvil Curl+ Pull Back (One arm holds a weight and lifts weight towards shoulder and than drops it down towards the thigh. The other arm pulls the weight toward the shoulder and than pulls it down and back to engage the tricep) Switch arms and perform 10x, each side

4th Exercise: Lying Tricep Lift (Place the weights down behind your head with the elbos pointing up, lift up above head and repeat) 10x

5th Exercise: Tricep Shoulder Tap (Lift arms up and than drop weight down to opposite shoulder, continue repeating from one arm to the next) 10x


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