This week’s Beast mode Burpee

Welcome to this week’s Beast mode Burpee. Burpee’s are a great way to have a full body workout and with a few tweaks and some extra Pizazz Burpee’s can start to rock your world and even become a fitness creative outlet like they have for me.


In the video below I am using 5 lb. weights, you may choose to use something lighter or heavier depending on your own comfort.

Come into a wide squat, directing your tailbone down and keeping your spine as erect as possible. Holding a weight in each hand, take 5 bicep curls. Keep weights in your hands and place down and jump back to a plank. Perform one push-up from the plank position. When back in high plank, Lift one weight up towards chest for a lat pull, perform on both sides.

I suggest trying to do 10 reps, and mix this in to a fun circuit training of your choice.

Music: Dynohunter, Amadala


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