Kids Valentine’s Day Yoga

Movement is a gift we give to our self and our bodies. This Valentine’s Day why not try something different with the little ones, have fun, open their minds and cultivate a sense of love within them for them self and others!

So Here I present to you (Pal)entine’s Day, be your own best friend and the greatest pal you can be to your BFF!

Each Kids Yoga class I teach I start us off chanting the word HOME 3x, opening our arms wide and overhead and chanting while we bring the hands down in prayer.

Mantra: After our last chant, we made a heart with our hands and repeated the Mantra, Home is Where the Heart is.

Breathe: Place hands on heart and feel your own heartbeat, breathe in and out and feel your own chest rise and fall.

Self Care: Inhale, open arms big and wide, Exhale wrap arms around your body and give yourself a hug, try to wrap your self up so tight you can give your self a massage, pressing at your shoulders.

Heart Openers: Cat/Cow, Cobra, Camel Pose, standing backbend

Basket of Valentines: Dhanurasana Pose, Kids lay belly down and reach back for their feet, kicking them into their hands. As they rock back and forth have them shout out things they would read on Valentine’s Day cards…. “You’re Awesome”, “Be Mine”, “Too Cool”

Cupid Poses:

Warrior II: Kids stand in Warrior II, Have kids clap their hands together, and pull back hand back towards the chest, like pulling a bow and arrow, Have them aim at another student by saying things like ” Aim to your Best Friend”, ” Aim to the funniest kid in class”…. Repeat on both Sides

2nd Bow and Arrow Option: In seated, hold foot by big toe, pull back and bring forward (hip opener) Again you can ask the kids questions like “Who is the smartest in class”, “Who is the Kindest”

Balance Pose: Dancer Pose

‘Pal’entine’s Day Poses:

Have kids partner up, choose partners for them if you can so that know feels left out or picked last.

Partner Chair: Kids can hold hands and work on slowing going into squat together and rising back up

Back-to-Back Chair: Once they master this or get bored with this pose have them turn back to back, link arms and try the same thing, lowering down and rising back up.

Human Hearts: Have kids each lift an arm and then bend at elbows with hands down and connecting. With other arm they will each point down and touch at hands to make the bottom of the heart.


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