HulaHoop Fusion Workshop

Hula hooping at Freeform Arts and Music Festival. Photo taken by the amazing, TLC Baltimore

I am so excited to be combining my two favorite flow arts, Hula hooping and Yoga. Though yoga is my life and my career, I first found flow inside the curves of the sacred circle, the hula hoop. Through the hula hoop I discovered what it meant to express myself through movement, to give into music and allow my body to be vulnerable and to explore all the shapes and formations I had never known I was capable of. Hula hooping has led me to some wonderful experiences and led me to meet so many exciting and wonderful people. I have had the chance to perform on stage at large venues, at festivals, night clubs and all kinds of events. I have been introduced to so many other amazing artists of movement, music and photography and through all of this have built a stronger connection with myself, finding true self love and self worth. By giving into the my fear of being seen, I began to explore different types of flow such as dance and yoga. Once I tried yoga I was hooked and I never looked back. I loved the fluidity of the practice and juxtaposition of hard and soft, the masculine and feminine blurring lines and being one. The strength and poise of the practice is such a beautiful thing and it flirts with the concept of us being just one thing but instead allows up to explore and understand that we are everything.

With these two practices being so important to me it makes me overwhelmed in happiness to finally combine the two together and have a chance to share this magic with the all of you. I will be teaching my first workshop, Hulahoop Fusion in Baltimore, Maryland at Yogaworks Federal Hill, on Sunday, January 15, 12pm – 2 pm.

It is important to note that this is not per say a hulahoop workshop or a yoga workshop, it is a time to explore movement, to step outside the box and enter into a whole new dimension, the sacred sphere. We will be making shapes with our body, playing with flowing movement and finding ways to allow everything to be a continuation of the before and the after. The hulahoop at times will be our primary focus as we work on “tricks” and manipulation, at times it will be a prop to challenge us and to change yoga poses which we have categorized into the known and allow us to reintroduce ourselves all over again to what we once thought was familiar. At other times we will just flood the hoop with what we are feeling and see what stream of events occur through dance and allowing our body and minds to let go.

I look so forward to seeing each one of you in a new light as we shed the old and open ourselves up to the new!

Please feel free to sign up in advance as space is limited




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