Winter, Holiday Kids Yoga

Winter Weather is upon us and Christmas is just a short week away!  Kids have nothing on their minds besides Santa, Presents and Snow so why not feed into it with some Winter Spirit Kids Yoga Sequences.

Breathe Work

Start with Making the Winter Wind: Kids open arms up wide and create circles in each directions, making Shhh.. and howling like noises

Snow Breathe: Inhale lift arms up over head, clap hands and then bring hands down through heart center chanting snow

What does Santa Say that rhymes with Snow….

HO HO HO Breathe: Brings hand to belly, inhale, ill stomach up like santa with a full belly of milk and cookies and then exhale chanting HO HO HO


Who helps Santa make his big trip?

Reindeer Pose: Come to all 4s, Lift one hand to forehead, creating antlers, lift opposite leg up and kick leg back like Rudolph going through the night sky

Dancer/Prancer Pose: Dancer pose on both sides

Comet Pose: Squat down, clamp hands together, Inhale and say Zoom as you lift hands up in the air to opposite side ( Zipping like a comet, perform on both sides)

Dasher Pose: Running in Place

Cupid Pose: Come into Warrior II, Clap hands together in front and then pull one arm back like a bow and arrow (Ask kids to find their best friend/teacher/etc and aim to them)

The Kids seem to ask ” but what about all the other reindeers??

For that I bring them into Down Dog and ask them to lift leg and bring knee in like a reindeer flying through the starry night sky (Like 3-legged dog ab crunch)

What pulls Santa and his reindeers??

Sleigh Pose: Bow-pulling posture, kids reach back for ankles and push heart forward and kick legs into hands

**you may want to warm kids up with some cobra poses first

Christmas Tree Pose: Tree Pose> and then ask them to twirl like a figure skater

Ice Skater Pose: Warrior III while kicking leg back like gliding on ice

Skier Pose: Come to chair pose and bring hands into fist by sides, tell kids their on an Olympic ski course and get them to shift side-to-side, squat low and then jump up

Snowboarder Pose: Warrior II and then get kids to sway side-to-side

Sled Pose: Staff Pose> Seated Forward Fold, like sledding downhill

Interactive Poses

Snowball fight Pose: Come to yogi squat, have kids pretend to scoop up snow from the sides and in front, clap hands together like patting a snow ball, then interlace fingers and make circles with wrist, tell them to wind up and let their snowball loose! Tell them to do it to the teacher, to each other, to the instructor!

Naughty Nice List: Come to Butterfly, tell Kids its like a book and you’re looking to see who Santa wrote down as Naughty and Nice ( They’ll all want to chime in on why they’re nice) Once you confirm you’ve seen all their names you start to make a Bringggg Bringgggg telephone noise. Tell the kids its’ Santa calling and they have to put their foot to their ear. Santa asks, “What do you want this year?” All the kids will want to talk at this point, try to get them to answer one at a time by going in a circle.

Lastly I reminded the kids of New Years and the opportunity to make a resolution. I explained that this is something we say out loud that we want to do our improve in the next year. I gave them examples such as read more books, help parents out, Look at Ipads less, respect teachers more, etc. Then we go in a circle and say our own resolution.

Finally, Savasana



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