Vegan Maple Walnut Cream Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese, it was literally the hardest thing to give up for me and I love some of the options I have come across as alternatives. I have made my own nacho cheese before but when it comes to cream cheese I have always just bought the store-bought stuff. Making my own cream cheese though ended up being the easiest thing ever and I am so ready to start icing homemade cinnamon rolls, cakes, cookies, etc. Bring on the wintry sweet goodness!


1 Block of 14/16 oz. Firm Tofu

1.5 Cups of Raw Unsalted Cashews

3 Tbs Maple Syrup

3 Tbs Lemon Juice

1 Tsp Salt

3 Tsp Cinnamon

1 Cup Raw Walnuts


In your blender/ Vitamix place one block of firm tofu, cashews, lemon juice, maple syrup, cinnamon and salt. Blend for 3 minutes or until the mixture is completely smooth. Take the cream cheese out of blender and fold walnuts in. Place cream cheese in the refrigerator and let sit for 4 hours

If you want the recipe to this pumpkin cake I made and frosted with my Maple Walnut Cream Cheese here you go.


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