Yoga For all that’s going on; Election SuperMoon, Yoga for Grief

A lot has been going on in the past week, the outcome of the election, the Supermoon and for me there has also been some personal grief. So how do we deal with all this, how can we use yoga to deal with what is happening in our outward reality?

Like the protesters of DAPL, prayer and song can be very powerful. Since the turnout of the election I have been incorporating the mantra, Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu,  into all my classes. This sankrit mantra translates to, May all Beings be Happy and Free and may my doings in some way effect that happiness and freedom. For some students this mantra is something unfamiliar, but by saying these words together we can create a union between all of us, we can knock down the surface differences we see and unite.

I have also been focusing on heart openers. By physically opening our hearts we can begin to make the mental connection to these poses and carry an open heart and open mind with us in the world. What we all really need right now is to understand that love will outshine hate, that compassion is our strongest tool.

Some Heart Opener Asanas: Cobra, Sphinx, Upward Facing Dog, Camel Pose, Humble Warrior, Extended Side Angle, Triangle Pose, Backbend, reclined Bound Angle Pose.

The Monday following the election we were graced with the November Supermoon, the Beaver Moon. It’s interesting in a time of such ugly hatred in the world that nature can show us such beauty. This Supermoon has risen in the sign of Taurus, an earth sign, so this is a wonderful time to focus on our root chakra and practice balance and grounding.

Poses: Warrior I, Warrior II, Warrior III, Tree Pose, Dancing Shiva, Eagle Pose, Extended Hasta Padagustasana, Chair Pose

Celebrations of the Moon are always a great to reflect, to slow down and recuperate. Whenever I am celebrating the moon in yoga I choose to remove vinyasas from my flow and find strength in different ways. By removing the strenuous movement of Chataranga, updog downdog, we allow the body to stay better in-tune with breath and stay calm and relaxed. Keeping with the idea of relaxation I always invite some restorative poses int my moon flows. Restorative moves allow the body to stretch without us pushing our limits. We are a society always driven to want more, to take the most difficult option but restorative poses let us recharge for what is next.

Restorative poses are also an excellent way to find yoga when we are faced with grief. These deep postures, which we hold for an extended time, force the mind to focus on what is really going on. In a comfortable setting and safe space, we confront our emotions. We can mule through all that we’ve bottled up, we can release our self from these feelings so  we can move onto whatever our next step of facing grief may be.


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