New Month New Moon Yoga

After each full Moon, we go back to square one, we stare up at the night sky and we see a thumbnail of a moon and through time we watch it become the beaming bold light that we all know and love. This process takes time though and shows us that happens in a day, I hope from looking up at the moon we can all learn to know patience. For November the New Moon was on the start of the month, I felt like this was giving us a sign to slow down, to recoup, to re-group.

This week in all my classes in honor of the new moon and new month I have been teaching vinyasa yoga with no Vinyasas. That means no Jump backs, no Chatarungas, no upward facing dogs. We are always so gogogo, in our lives and even on our mats. I see students everyday wanted to get the most they can from a class, doing the most poses the more difficult options, But for this week I have asked us to be challenged in a new way. I challenge each one of us to slow down, to take time for our self that is a mental vacation, instead of trying to sweat the most I challenge you to stay neutral to remain calm, to keep your breathe at a natural rate. Yoga is so much more then just asanas, and the beginning of the month is a great time for us to set up, to try something new. Many times we want to set new goals, but before jumping the gun and telling ourselves we are going to quit something, work on something, etc. Take a moment of reflection on the past month, what changes did you make? What goals did you go through with and what ones did you see fade away?

I know slowing down completely can be a challenge so in your flow this weekend I challenge you to breathe, to take out certain poses that you thought you couldn’t flow without, to invite restorative asanas into your practice, to use your props through out your flow or maybe take the last 15 minutes to let everything be a little easier.

Here’s a look at some more simples moves we can all do with just two blocks.

Supported Matsyendrasana :

 Bring first block to either first or second height depending on your own personal taste and bring it right under the shoulder blades, you should feel the shoulders melting over the block vertically and a comfortable lift in the heart. Take the second block and rest it under the head as a pillow. Bring the soles of the feet together to make a diamond shape with the legs.

Supported Badakonasana:

Bring soles of the feet together to create a diamond shape with the legs. Bring first block to shortest level and stack the second block on top on its’ medium height. Forward fold and rest for head on block.


Bring both blocks to the first level and stack them underneath the chest. Forward fold and let the breastplate rest on your props. This option is for those looking for a slightly deeper fold which is still restorative. 

Supported Setu Bandhasana:

Laying on your back with feet planted to the ground, lift hips and Bring one block to second level and place it right under the tailbone. 

Supported Salamba Sarvangasana:

From supported Bridge pose inhale and lift one leg up at a time toward the sky. Bring some space between your toes and either close eyes or keep them looking at yourself in the pose, avoiding looking left or right.


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