Halloween Yoga

Whether you teach Adults or Kids everyone deserves to have a little fun on Halloween. I’ve taught these poses to people between the ages of 2-70 years old and we all had a laugh. Modify poses to how you feel they will appropriately work for your age group.  So here are some ways to Spookify your yoga flow:

Boo Breathe: instead of starting the practice with rolling Ohms, we started off with our scariest ghost impressions. Have students take a deep breathe and them let out their most haunted Boo. Do this as many times as you like, after a few rounds you’ll notice your students getting more into it.

Shake it like a Skeleton: Start standing and ask students to begin wiggling their toes, move up to balancing on one foot and start to just roll the ankle, switch to opposite foot. With both feet on the ground, bend knees and begin to move up and down bringing motion into the joints. Maybe even dance like a skeleton and wave hands in front of knees. Next Straighten up and bring arms into a broken T (Open arms into a T shape and then bend elbows so hands are pointed down) bend arms side to side. Keep elbows bent but then, lift hands up and wave them side-to-side. Add the hips and you’re the grooviest skeleton around.

Cat/Cow: On all fours,Inhale, drop your belly down toward the ground while you lift your chest up, Exhale, tuck your tail bone and lift your Vertebrae up to the ceiling, like a scared Black Cat

Downward Facing Dog: Lift your hips up to the ceiling like creating the peek of a haunted house.

Once you’ve entered the haunted house, pretend like you are crawling through Cobwebs: Get into Childs Pose, reach right arm back towards right hip, Inhale lift hips and swing arm forward. This brings gentle movement into the hips and shoulders, Repeat as many times as you like and then continue into the next side.

Ask Students, what Creepy Crawlers Make Cobwebs? Spiders!!!!

In Childs Pose, Extend hands out in front of you, Come up onto your fingertips so you have tented hands. Inhale reach your hands forward and exhale try to pull shoulders back, bringing them into their sockets. Inhale keep extending forward and exhale use your creepy crawler fingers to walk the hands over to the right. Take a few breathes and then tiptoe the hands over to the left.

Those are just tiny Spiders though, here comes the biggest one!

Get into reverse Table Top, If kids yoga and if set up in a circle, get the kids to Spider walk into the center of the circle and back to their mats.

To be sure we don’t find any other scary creatures let’s look around the corners first

Get into a wide stance, place one hand on ground and lift the opposite hand up to the sky. Find same pose on opposite side. BUT on this side I see something scary, it’s a hallway full of SNAKES!

Lay belly down on the mat, hands under the shoulders, and inhale lift chest up and press heart forward. If you like ask students to Hiss like a snake. Repeat a couple times.

This isn’t the last creature we encounter though, because there is a family of Wearwolves!

Come into hero Pose, Sitting on knees with hips on the heels, lift up so you are just on your shins. Bring hands to the small of the back, so the heels of the hands are on the Sacrum and fingers are on the glutes. Inhale Lift heart up and exhale tuck tailbone under and press hips and pelvis forward. As you reach your deepest point of this backbend, take a deep inhale and then let out a howl to the moon.

And What do Wearwolves Howl at? The Moon. Come to Standing, inhale lift arms up by your ears, interlace fingers with pointer fingers up to the sky, Exhale push hips left and bend right. Take a few breathes and then Inhale to Center, Exhale push hips right and bend the body to the left.

In the Twilight of the moon I think we see a Witch! Come into Chair Pose and place hands in front of you like you are riding a broom. Let out your loudest Witch Cackle, Mwahahaha! Inhale stand up on the left leg and bring right knee towards chest, exhale extend right leg behind you and arms come into airplane like a witch soaring through the sky. Repeat on Opposite side.

The Witch has a brew she would like us to help create. Come to a wide Split and stir your potion (fake stirring motion). Inhale lift arms up and then rotate to the right and fold over the right leg. The witch needs some ingredients so collect some toe jam and toss into your brew. Maybe make some Bam! sound effects. Inhale lift arms up over head, turn to the left and exhale, forward fold over the left leg. In search of more ingredients, collect some tow nails. Throw them into the potion, Bam! Inhale arms up and over head, exhale forward fold in your wide leg split. Ask students to sip the potion and see if it taste just right.

Oh no! The potion takes a hold of us, begin shaking and bring the legs together. Inhale arms up and exhale Forward Fold. Inhale lift up and exhale lay on our back, Inhale Pop up like a mummy, and forward fold. If kids yoga get them to stand up and do there mummy walk. After the mummy walk, return to mats, lay down and ask kids to go to sleep like a mummy getting into his coffin, Savasana.

If you have any questions on these poses or this Halloween story, please feel free to ask and I’d be happy to respond with a better description or even a video.


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