Seated Yoga Flow

Just because we complete the standing sequences in our yoga flow it doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. Here’s a short video of some seated yoga, shown in real time. Below is a break down of exactly what we see here, what each pose is and how to enter into them.

1st Pose: Seated Froward Fold|Paschimottanasana

Inhale lift arms up to the frame ears,exhale begin to hinge forward from the crease of the hips and pelvis, leading with the heart and keeping the spine straight for as long as possible. Drop the hands where ever they may fall, pull the shoulders back and continue fold. Once the body can no longer fold forward begin to find space in new places. Try to root the tailbone down closer to the ground, press the heels forward and let the toes flex back to yourself. Once you reach your deepest expression of the pose go ahead and hold it for 5 full breaths. Inhale rise up and release

2nd Pose: Head to Knee Forward Fold + Half Lotus| Janushirasana+Ardha Padmasana

Extend right leg out in front of the body and bring the left foot into the right hip crease. Inhale Raise the arms up and exhale fold over the right leg. This pose has the same physical cues as Paschimottanasana, ground with the tail bone, press the heel forward and try to flex the toes back to point to yourself. Hold the pose for 5 full breaths, when done inhale and rise up.

3rd Pose: Half Lotus with around the back Bind + Boat Pose| Ardha Padmasana with Bandha Navasana

Keep left foot in placement of inside the right hip crease. Bring the Right foot to the ground so the knee is lifted to the sky. Take your yogi grip, also known as the peace sign fingers and wrap them around the right big toe. Engage the Abdomen and lift the right off the ground, balancing on the sacrum and finding inner strength.

4th Pose: Seated Twist with Bind| Ardha Bandha Matseyendrasana

Take Left foot from the right hip crease and step it all the way over the right thigh so the foot meets the ground. Then bend the right leg so the right heel comes around to the outside of the left hip. Inhale lift the right arm up and exhale place the right elbow in front of the left knee. Inhale try to lengthen the spinal column by grounding the tail bone towards the earth and lifting the crown of the head up to the ceiling. On the exhale twist the body from the torso, rinsing ourselves clean. Continue  two more times. If you feel you have created enough space you can attempt to bring the right hand through the space created by the left leg and bring the left arm around the back to meet the right hand, resulting in a bind. take two more rounds of the pose like this and when finished release the bind, and let the body drape over to the right as a counter action.

5th Pose: Baby Grasshopper| Parsva Bhuja Dandasana

Keep the left foot where it was from the previous pose, on the ground and over the right thigh. Twist the upper body to the right and bring the right hand to be in line with the left foot, about a forearms’ distance apart and in front of the torso (in line with the oblique) The left hand will come in front of the left knee and extend to the left  so that it can take a hold of the big toe side of the right foot. Inhale, engage the abdomen and bring the right elbow towards the right ribs, with control and strength the body should lift up in the full expression of the pose.

I hope this helps achieve a deeper understanding of these poses, if any questions, please always ask.




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