People say they never see me, but I’m out There

If you had asked 13-year-old me my idea of a perfect evening I probably would have answered something along the lines of staying home with the cutest boy from class, eating too much pizza and watching Harry Potter films. Well somethings never change and it seems wishes do come true. I spent Friday at home with my boyfriend eating too much pizza and watching Harry Potter, because is it even really the weekend if you don’t binge eat pizza in front on the T.V?

But life is all about creating balance and the next morning the first thing I found was my home practice. I was scanning through Instagram, as I’m guilty of doing many mornings before even leaving bed and came across a post by @casa_Colibri , After seeing her move with such grace I found my motivation. After my practice I got ready and with time headed out to the Mushroom City Arts Festival. This was an event based completely around the wonders of mycology. It amazes me how many interesting things are happening within my own city daily, many of which I never get a chance to attend or ever even find out about.


This was truly an experience as a city park was transformed into a mushroom village, there was decorations that made you feel like a fairy, music that one only thought woodland nymphs responded to and an inflatable igloo that changed colors transporting you to somewhere else completely, other worldly. The most wonderful part was that everyone was here to learn, each person chose to spend their Saturday expanding their minds. There were lectures all day about the benefits of mycology in modern medicine, nature walks with edible mushroom identification and activities for kids. The last venture I took was stepping inside that magical looking igloo. People laid on the ground or sat in chairs as a sound bath washed over them, entrancing each one of us differently, putting me personally into a place of meditation and all around calm. I began practicing breathing techniques as Nadi Sadahana and the Breathe of Fire. I left this space and this whole experience cleansed and feeling very grateful to have learned what I did.


The weekend only had begun its’ path of amazing experiences as I was up early Sunday to meet an old friend to go running. I know, even I do do not know who I am becoming, because trust me Katherina Capon was never one to get up early on weekends or go running. Yet here I was with my friend Andrew, running around the Under Armour Campus at 9am. After running 5k we went to the Baltimore Farmers Market, a place I hadn’t seen in over a year due to my old habits of sleeping in. I couldn’t believe I had been away from this cornucopia of wondrous treats for so long. Delicious smells captivated me from every direction, but it was Black Sauce which won my business as I decided to indulge in their homemade Biscuit Sandwich with a fried egg, mushrooms and cheddar cheese, wow! I don’t eat dairy or large breakfasts too often but this certainly hit the spot. All of this and it wasn’t even noon…

Afterwards I went to a glorious sister circle led by the lovely Rain Nicole. Talk about true, powerful feminine energy, swoon, I felt so amazing to be surrounded by so many like- minded women, so beautiful both inside and out. Rain led a fantastic yoga flow, making it accessible to all levels and really nurturing us into the poses. We were than granted with a few gifts from Dave Martin Yoga. First all of us ladies got to play and bend with his Sacred 8 Yoga Wheels. This was my first time using a yoga wheel of any sorts and it was really phenomenal, a great tool to increase back flexibility and just  have all around fun with. After this “play time” We had a Savasana that was a serious treat. Dave played the gong leading us into a deep relaxation, bringing me outside of myself and taking in the bliss my physical body was receiving.

The whole weekend had a sense of rejuvenation and I was never more ready to take on a Monday. Having fun can be so many things, so most importantly always do what is calling you and reap the benefits of a weekend, of a life you have hand-picked 🙂


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